Internet Computer Onboarding Guide

This is a guide to help you get started with the Internet Computer. It will cover the basics of the Internet Computer, introduce important concepts, explain functionalities, and provide links to further resources.

45 min

Internet Computer basics

The Internet Computer (ICP) allows Web3 services to run 100% on-chain, being the only protocol on top of which developers can build and users can enjoy fully decentralized applications. ICP ditches corporate cloud, insecure bridges and expensive oracles.

What makes the Internet Computer unique?

Smart contracts serve webpages

You can open canister smart contracts directly in your browser just like regular websites.

Learn how that works here.

Users don’t need tokens and wallets

The reverse gas model enables free-to-use, truly user-friendly dapps, ready for mass adoption.

Learn more about the reverse gas model here.

True scaling

By adding new subnets regularly, the Internet Computer scales to an unbounded number of dapps and allows storage of unlimited data.

Learn how to become a node provider here.

Internet Identity

The easy-to-use authentication framework that allows anyone with a WebAuthn enabled device to anonymously authenticate with Web3 services running on the Internet Computer using the WebAuthn standard.

Create your Internet Identity here.

Biometric authorization

Unlock authentication with your device via FaceID, fingerprint sensor or use a YubiKey. This provides strong security, as the cryptographic key never leaves your device. No passwords are used to authenticate on ICP.

No tracking

Remain pseudonymous using the Internet Identity authentication framework, which prevents user tracking across dapps and services.


Internet Identity integrates the widely used secure web2 authentication framework known as WebAuthn for maximum compatibility.


Explore the Internet Computer ecosystem here.

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Blockchain operation that's climate friendly

Thanks to the unique architecture and novel cryptography, the Internet Computer hosts smart contract software, data, and computation, with energy consumption levels comparable with traditional software that runs on Big Tech's cloud services and orders of magnitude lower than competing blockchains. Web3 projects that incorporate Internet Computer smart contracts can dramatically lower their carbon footprint, and help reduce climate change.

Read the ICP sustainability report here.

Learn more about the Internet Computer's sustainability here.


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